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Patrick Dickerson Journal

Sociable, Curious, Empathetic

I pledge to make a specific effort to spend time in nature every week - daily if possible
One Day: Hike to Everest base camp
Hike some portion of the AT
Cross country solo flight
I want to become a better photographer to record my adventures and share the World's beauty

Climbing, Mt Biking, Hiking, kayaking, skiing (water and snow), private pilot, scuba diving, all things outdoors. I love photography. Classic cars (restored 1960 Impala) and motorcycles (Harley Road King). Sales / Engineering by trade - adventurer by choice!

One week camping / hiking adventure on the AT
Solo flight from east coast to west coast

Seen the world from the periscope of a nuclear submarine
Summited multiple peeks in the Ozarks of MO, TN and AR
Summited Mt Washington in New Hampshire
Annual backpacking trips with college friends
Indoor snow skiing in Dubai, UAE

Mt Biking

I am married to the love of my life and have three amazingly talented and loving children - Cameron Reese, James Paul (JPaul) and Alexandra Elizabeth (Alex)

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