Member Lodge

Member Lodge

Dijana Taylor

Enthusiastic, Thoughtful, Persistent

Laura Billingsley

Curious, silly, spiritual

Shari Baron

Friendly, Funny, inquisitive

Kim Ireland

Adventurous, compassionate, inquisitive

Jennifer Vines

Analytical, Nimble, Lifelong Learner

Josh Tischler

Contemplative, Analytical, Wanderlust

John Viviano


Mike Barth

Curiosity for Knowledge and Adventure

Jon Jonas

Outdoors is better

Rachel Hanson

Adventurous, playful, engaging

Armando Gomes

Friendly, inquisitive, peaceful

Bill Hibner

Curious about people and places

Kevin Perkins


Chuck Grbcich

Driven, Focused, Humorous

Lucinda Antonacci-Fulton