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Ron King Journal

Adventure optimist

My 2023 goals and directions for 2023.

(1) Create useful content for MAC - This will require that I step out of my comfort zone ... new ideas and challenges will help keep me alert.
(2) Plan a few signature adventures - adventures are contagious and can provide a broader canvas for MAC.
(3) Be thankful for the opportunity to be part of MAC. I have a front row seat where I can witness amazing people doing interesting things.

OK - a bit about my adventure journey

Altho i traveled routinely during my 30s and 40s, my first hiking/backpacking adventure was during the year I turned 50. That maiden adventure was a week long backpacking trip in Wind River WY with 5 Wash U colleagues. I was not in shape for the weight i was carrying and i was unable to get much sleep due to the cold and uncomfortable sleeping area. I was convinced that this was going to be my first and last backpacking trip. But, things changed. Each day got better and i was able to "get away" and was able to focus on the tranquility of the place and overcoming the physical challenge. On the flight back from Salt Lake City to St Louis i started planning my next one. For me, there is a gravity that calls me back to backpacking and the challenge of the adventure. I cannot explain what it is, but it is real.

So here we are today. i have been on many adventures and hope to continue for a few more years. I hope my next decade will be one of new horizons, going on more adventures and working on MAC.

My hope for MAC is that it can help me and members to get out and experience new adventures. The purpose of these adventure is to add dimensionality to life and with the adjacent benefit of enhancing physical and mental health. Adventure can be a focusing aspect to live the quintessential "whole life."

My interests are
(1) Exploration and discovery
(2) Hiking and Camping
(3) Medallion Adventure Club
(4) Happiest when around interesting people

The next 12 months
(1) Grand Canyon hike
(2) Reality check hike - Maybe Rainier or Adams / thinking about Aconcagua
(3) Colorado 14ers

(1) Hike in New England on the presidential range.
(2) Hike Kilimanjaro and Take African safari
(3) Hike some of Patagonia's minor peaks
(4) Bike in the Maze in Utah
(5) I want to make the next 10 years a decade of adventure

2021 - Backpacked 6 nights Grand Canyon
2021 - Mumbai India - Teach EMBA
2021 - Summited some Colorado 14ers
2021 - Summit Mt Washington New Hampshire
2021 - Summit Mt Whitney California
2021-Weeklong PAWs bike ride in Wisconsin
2021 - Summit Mt Wheeler New Mexico

Previous year trips
Hiked to Everest Base Camp in Nepal
Backpacked John Muir Trail in California
Summited Mt Rainer in Washington State
Summited Chimborazo in Ecuador
10 day raft trip on Colorado river in Grand Canyon
I have had some other adventures

- Basking in the glory of the scenery and smell of the Arizona desert in spring after a rain
- Kayaking at sunset in St Louis in November
- Jogging in the rain on pine needle path in Yosemite
- Being recognized by friends and family as someone who embraces adventure
- Together with my son and 8 year old grandson, summiting Mt Washington in New Hampshire
- Summiting Mt Rainer
- Hiking Quandary with the EMBA adventurers

- Planning and preparing for hikes and backpacking

- Adventure books I recommend - The Emerald Mile

Any other information you would like to share with the MAC community.
- I have been on several trips with Sierra club ( and REI and would recommend both

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