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Laura Billingsley Journal

Curious, silly, spiritual

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Walking, Hiking, Yoga

Raising my hand to be part of nature and community as my positive contribution to the collective consciousness. I feed my soul with spiritual practices, creative endeavors, yoga, hiking and nature as medicine.

Yoga retreats
Hiking/backpacking and camping
Spend more time off grid
National Parks - as many as time will allow

Pacific Coast Trail
Appalachian Trail
Yellowstone National Park

I’ve visited all states except the Northeast, but there is still time. I’d like to visit them all again with the eyes of a child. So many wonders in this world!

Zip lining over a waterfall in Kona Hawaii
Snorkeling in Bermuda
Being with sea turtles in Akumal
Whale watching off the coast of Victoria, BC

How to do things when you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing!

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