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Analytical, Nimble, Lifelong Learner

Initial Goals: work on mindset, habit formation, & fitness towards the goal of more adventure-related travel. My default travel choices tend to be urban destinations, both in the States and Europe. Therefore, another goal would be prioritizing "getting out in nature" types of travel.

Born in Louisiana and have also lived in the following states: Florida, California, Arizona, Indiana, & Missouri. My husband (Jason) is a philosophy professor and directs SLU's Center for Healthcare Ethics. My daughter (August) is an infectious disease data analyst for NYC Department of Health's HIV epi team.

Academics: Philosophy (undergrad, Florida State) w/minors in psychology and religion, Aging & Applied Thanatology (graduate studies, Univ of Maryland-Baltimore), and I'm currently enrolled in WashU's marketing certificate

My professional experience includes a variety of roles within Higher Ed Student Services (academic advising, managing an extension campus, financial aid administration), Project Manager for the 1st "Before I Die Festival" held in the States (Indianapolis), and I currently work for the Office of the Dean of Arts & Sciences as a member of the strategic planning implementation team.

Interests & Hobbies: all topics related to death & dying, craft beer tourism, reading (primarily non-fiction), church/State separation, historic cemeteries & architecture, concerts, & travel.

First up is a February visit to family land in Mississippi. I'll be joining my mom, uncle, and a cousin who I'll be meeting for the first time. I've never seen the land, nor the remains of the house where my Papaw (maternal grandfather) was born. The home is one of the last "dog trot" houses in the area and therefore, an architectural rarity. My Papaw was a kind, ethical, and beloved man--a WWII veteran who fought in the Battle of the Bulge--and I'm looking forward to seeing his place of birth. Given that there is no paved road leading to the house, this will involve a bit of hiking through the woods.

Summer 2023: I'll be in Spain, Portugal, and Croatia for a month. We plan a day hike near Madrid (PeƱalara or La Pedriza) and also Medvednica in Zagreb. We'll also be going to our first Formula One race in Barcelona.

I spent my 25th birthday (feels like a lifetime ago!) alone, hiking in Sedona. I still consider it to be one of the best birthdays I have ever had--beautiful scenery coupled with time to reflect, plus the added bonus of not having to worry about what anyone else wanted to do!

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