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Chuck Grbcich Journal

Driven, Focused, Humorous

Have fun, learn, and help when I can!

- Cycling (Road, Trail, and Mountain)
- In line skating
- Hiking
- Ice hockey (played for 30 yrs and age finally caught up with me)
- Golf
- Weightlifting
- General Fitness
- Testing my cardiovascular endurance.
- Cars and guitars

I enjoy the challenge of getting better every chance I get….I’m just a little bit competitive

What’s my “JAM”?
- Hitting a new PR (personal record) whether biking, hiking, or in my business
- Setting up a pretty goal in a hockey game (I relish being the playmaker that
wants to make my teammates better)… so put me in coach !!
- Striping a perfect driver down the middle of the fairway (a slight draw is
always preferable)
- Watching my English Setter at a full point or running free in an empty field
- Rock concerts with the volume turned up to ‘11’
- Driving a freshly paved, empty, twisty road while shifting through the gears

Boca Grande Florida tarpon fishing in May 2022!

I’m actually a quite boring homebody, so I have nothing planned. I’m open to suggestions

Not much..too busy working and raising kids

Fitness, cycling, nutrition, skating.
Alwyays willing to take advice and learn as well.
Can’t provide any advice in raising teenagers (that’s certainly been my biggest adventure)

Looking forward to hanging out with like minded individuals and getting away from this crazy world (at least temporarily)

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